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Terms and Conditions of Hire

1. Quotation

Unless otherwise stated in writing a Alfresco Pop up Picnics quote will be valid for a period of up to seven days from the date the quote was issued.

Quotes will be confirmed as a booking when

  1. The deposit has been received by Alfresco Pop up Picnics & Events


2. Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to secure a Alfresco Pop up Picnics event hire package.

Deposits should be made by the hirer on or before the due date as stated on the invoiced.  


3. Change and Cancellation/ Wet weather

  1. Any cancellation will result in loss of deposit and payments paid,       

  2. In the case of inclement weather bookings in outdoor locations will not be refunded and it is the clients responsibility to arrange appropriate undercover/indoor location

  3. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make alternate arrangements at an indoor location.

  4. In the case the weather forecast predicts inclement weather, Alfresco Pop up Picnics will not assemble hire items outdoors.

  5. You may reschedule the event in case of wet weather.

  6. Any storm warnings will result in resch or moving the picnic indoors or under cover at the discretion of the client

  7. Credit for future events is given if event is cancelled due to covid govt issued border closures 


4. Loss or damage to hire items

All hire items supplied to the hirer are property of Alfresco Pop up Picnics unless otherwise stated in a signed invoice.

Damage to or loss of hire items within the period of hire as detailed in the invoice, will be reported by the hirer to Alfresco Pop up Picnics immediately. 

  1. If the hire items are lost, the hirer must pay to Alfresco Pop up Picnics the current replacement cost of the hire items;

  2. If the hire items are damaged, the hiree must pay for all repairs;


5. Site Approval

The hirer shall be responsible for giving any local or other authorities any necessary notice of their intention to host an event that includes Alfresco Pop up Picnics hire items.

6. Venue details and access

It is the responsibility of the hirer;

  1. to determine the suitability of the hire package for the event.

  2. to seek necessary approval and or permits required for venues and locations.

  3. to supply details regarding access to the venue including flights of stairs and locations not accessible by vehicle.

  4. The hirer will accept and pay surcharges relating to difficult entry or access to a venue or location.


In the event there is no access to loading bays in commercial areas the hirer will pre-pay or reimburse  if there are costs for parking. 


7. Extended Hire

Alfresco Pop up Picnics will deliver, assemble, pack down and remove items as agreed upon in a signed invoice by the hirer. An extended hire surcharge will apply in the event that;

  1. Alfresco Pop up Picnics is required to return at another time to collect hire items.

  2. The hirer seeks to hire items for a period longer than originally invoiced

  3. Extended hire is approved by Alfresco Pop up Picnics.


8. Security

The hirer is responsible for the supervision and security of Alfresco Pop up Picnics hire items until such time that it is collected by Alfresco Pop up Picnics.

In the event that hire items are stolen from the venue or location;

  1. the hirer shall notify  in writing stating the full circumstances of the theft and the time the police were notified

  2. Until Alfresco Pop up Picnics receives such notification, the hiring charges will continue

  3. The hirer agrees to cover the costs to replace items stolen under the supervision of the hiree during the period of hire.


9. Safety

The hirer is to ensure adequate safety measures are adopted when using hire items provided by Alfresco Pop up Picnics when necessary. 

The hirer agrees;

  1. Not to move hire items once they have been assembled at the venue or location.

  2. That if items are used incorrectly they are used at the hirer’s own risk.

  3. It is the responsibility of the hiree to inspect the venue or location to be sure it meets necessary safety standards for guests.

  4. Any storm warning or natural sisaster warnings will result in resch or moving the picnic to a indoor or undercover at  the clients  discrection.


Alfresco Pop up Picnics accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained where the hirer and or guests move or incorrectly use items against the recommendation or instruction of Alfresco Pop up Picnics.


10. Electrical Damage

Any damage to the hire items by fusion or malfunction of electrical equipment is the hirer's liability and the hirermust take adequate precautions. The hiree will be charged for any repairs required to the damaged hire items.


11. Cleaning

All hire items should be made ready by the hiree for pack down and removal by Alfresco Pop up Picnic at the agreed time.

Rubbish should be removed from surfaces and cleared from the venue or location by the hirer.

Plates, glassware and flatware should be left on the table to be packed away by Alfresco Pop up Picnics. Plates and glasses should be emptied but not cleaned. It is agreed that the whole or any part of the cost incurred by the Company arising out of the failure by the hirer to clean the hire items as outlined will incur a charge to the hirer.


12. Payment Terms

All payments are strictly due MIN 5 HOURS PRIOR TO PICNIC AND/ OR as detailed in the Alfresco Pop up Picnic invoice to the hirer. Payments should be made by way of bank transfer or cash to Alfresco Pop up Picnic. 

Bank transfers made on the due date require proof of payment from the bank. Bookings cannot be confirmed without a deposit. Failure to pay an invoice may result in cancellation of a booking and loss of deposit. 

All payments are non refundable


13. Interpretation

The hirer will pay a bond to an amount that will be determined once the order is placed.


14. Interpretation

"Alfresco Pop up Picnics" means the business responsible for the hiring of items.

"The hirer" means the person or persons business who will be hiring items and to whom the Tax Invoice is addressed.

"Hire Items" means furniture, crockery, glassware, flatware and associated accessories in packages hired by the hiree from Alfresco Pop up Picnics

15. Alcohol Consumption

It is the responsibilities of the hirer to check alcohol laws of any venue or public space being used for one of our pop up picnics.

most public parks are prohibited rom drinking and a fine of $129 can be issued.  Alfresco Pop up Picnics take no responsibility for any alcohol consumption or penalties occurred.

16. COVID-19 - No refunds will be given due to cancellations related to COVID-19.  We will issue credit with no timeframe to be used for the same event or a different event in the future.

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